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Maurizio Gianesin
Updated at 2023-04-12 15:08:32 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering
Good morning.
I just started using Netro Sprite 8 zones out of 12 zones with two whisperers.
Congratulations for the App and the Web interface I'm using.
I have a concern about some trivial errors in the interfaces:
If you go to settings/preferences/SchedulingSetting
1.1 The Italian translation of "Two Frames" in "Due Cornici" makes me smile, it is better translated in "Due Cicli" or "Due Fasi". But my suggestion is also for English : it is my opinion that if instead of "Time Frames" and "Two Frames" you use "Time Phase" and "Two Phase" it is much better also for English and automatic translations free from misunderstandings.
1.2 Only in the App and not on the Web, the description of the two phases has "afternoon" under "morning" and vice versa.
Now I have a question:
I ask you for an explanation on Smart Scheduling.
I had set a lower limit of 10 C° and a Time Phase of 6:00 - 10:00. When I removed the 10 C° limit, the system did the same day a cycle at 23:58 instead of waiting for 6:00. why?

I hope I have been helpful and thank you for any response.
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