Wency Pan
Updated at 2022-09-20 06:15:47 UTC

Dear Fernando, 

If you turn on the smart zone feature, Netro will skip the schedules(including manual schedules from user programs) when there is a chance of significant rain(>0.2inch).

Netro gets weather forecast data from our weather provider, which could be not accurate enough, as weather forecasting is challenging.

You can check the weather data on the home tab. If it is not correct, you can select other weather provider in settings->weather provider, you can also select the weather station ID with the Wunderground option. 

You can also customize the weather restrictions now. In the new release (version 1.5.1),  this is in setting -> preferences -> rain. By default, Netro skip schedules today and tomorrow if today rains more than 0.2 inch. You can customize it, like I want to skip the schedules on the day after tomorrow as well, or I want to skip if rain more than 0.5 inch.



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