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Updated at 2019-06-11 02:08:33 UTC

Hi Alfonso,

We only support Google Home voice control in English. Please use your google assistant app to find "Netro Sprite", either by directly typing "talk to Netro Sprite" or searching through the google assistant explorer. Then tap the "link" button, and you will be redirected to the account login page. After using your Netro account to be successfully linked, you will be able to use google home to work with Netro. You can talk to your Google home like: "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to water zone two for 5 minutes." or "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to stop watering." The Netro Sprite should start/stop watering accordingly. Currently these are the only two commands that we support. We will add more in future, for example, running a specific program.


Please let us know if you have any further questions.



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Alfonso Olias Sanz
2019-06-11 15:43:18 UTC  
OK thanks , It worked! Where can I get all the commands, or future commands as long as you implement it.
How can I suggest commands?
Netro Support
2019-06-12 08:45:12 UTC  
Hi Alfonso, you can email us to suggest commands.

John Mayer
2019-06-13 14:37:40 UTC  
Yes, great. I hope we get more commands soon

Kirk Davis
2019-06-14 11:32:25 UTC  
I have searched and it isn't there. It goes from "Nethome Plus" to "Netzhome"- No Netro.

Kirk Davis
2019-06-14 11:38:12 UTC  
You have to do it verbally from your phone or tablet. Cannot do it any other way type. "Talk to Netro Sprite" into thw search bar and it will guide you through linking it. Aeems you can only tell it to "Water Zone x for x minutes", no ability to shut off or delay watering in any way.
Netro Support
2019-06-17 09:06:35 UTC  
Hi Kirk,

Yes you will be redirected to the account login page. This is the way smart device works in order to verify your account information. To add a rain delay, users can go to the Schedule page, press the + sign on the right upper corner and select Rain Delay.

Netro Support

Piti Germany
2019-06-15 11:41:05 UTC  
I can't find netro with your description.....

Netro Support
2019-06-17 09:03:18 UTC  
Hi Piti,

Currently we only support Google Home voice control in English so you do not find it. To enable in Germany, we need to have our commands translated from English to Germany. We are looking for translator and it should be public soon.

Netro Support

2019-06-22 16:54:21 UTC  
Will you be updating you connection with Google home to be added as a device instead of only verbal commands? It's inconvenient that it's only"partially connected" instead of apps like Rachio that have full integration.
Netro Support
2019-06-24 07:13:06 UTC  
Hi Derrick,

Thanks for your suggestion and I have forwarded it to our R&D. We will consider support this feature in the future release of the app.

Netro Support

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