Damages due to constant water pressure on the system


I know this issue already got mentioned by other users over a year ago, but I would like to ask again for fixing this bug. I know that on a technical level fixing this will take only a few minutes. 

To my understanding the main valves is intended to avoid constant water pressure on the system. Unfortunately the closing sequence is mixed up and the main valve closes a second or two after the last watering valve closes. This means that there's contant water pressure on the system. At the moment I would need to manually open one of the valves three times a day to release the pressure (at 5:30AM, at 10AM and at 17PM). This is not exactly what I expect from a smart watering system. 

Just yesterday I had to replace a part of my systems because it broke due to the constant pressure. 

I know it's tempting to point at everybody else in order to refuse acknowledging that there is an important improvement to be made. But fixing this will probably cost less time than I used to write this text, seriously!

And while in my case it wasn't a Desaster because I was lucky that the pipe connection broke during manual activation of a watering program. But in other cases, if this happens without getting noticed, this could easily destroy a whole greenhouse of commercial food production.

That said, please fix this minor but important bug ASAP.

I really can't believe that you guys simply ignored the previous reports of this bug. But I hope you do the necessary steps to initiate the fixing of this bug.


Answer From Kirk Davis

Kirk Davis
Updated at 2022-08-12 11:58:40 UTC
I have in-ground valves. To prevent this issue I tapped the main line and installed a pressure regulator and a drip irrigation line. The pressure regulator keeps the line from moving much water, but allows the pressure to drop after the pump shuts down. I stuck the drip hose in a bird bath and everybody’s happy. It wastes a small about of water, but I live on one of the largest aquifers in the United States. It evaporates and allows me to share water with other parts of the world! 🤪 I thought about a sprinkler head with the smallest nozzle installed (it would just run along with all my zones) but took the easy way out.
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Jorma Spitz
2022-08-12 18:47:33 UTC  
That's an interesting workaround. Thanks for sharing!