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Carlos Jimeno
Updated at 2022-07-30 07:49:09 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering


I've got my Netro Sprite with 10 zones configured. All of them with the smart watering feature. And 8 of them with he ECO program. It seems that my unit is overwatering. When I check the calendar most of the zones are watered twice and if I skip some of the zones both events dissapear and the whole time is filled with more instances is the non slipped zones. 

I've configured the watering time from 7:00 to 9:00 and some days it covers the whole time and others it covers from 6:00 to 9:00. 

Any ideas to solve it?. 

Thank you very much. 

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Wency Pan
Updated at 2022-08-02 08:11:08 UTC

Dear customer,

If you want to cancel a future run, you can go to the Schedule page, select the day and skip the user programs. For Smart schedules, it does not make a lot of sense to skip a certain run because that will only push the run later in the day as the system is trying to maintain the moisture level.

Netro's algorithm encourages longer water time and less water frequency, which will help growth of the roots. It will also break long water time to several small slots to prevent water runoff. If you think the smart schedules water too much , you can either change to different smart zone mode (ECO), or you can set up your own programs and set up your smart zone in basic level. Please check this article for more info. https://netrohome.com/forum/posts/111 



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