Kyle Giacomini
Updated at 2022-07-28 12:47:02 UTC
Thank you for your response. Does the slope setting affect how smart watering calculates the water strategy for the zone? If not I would think this would be a great idea considering my scenario. Steep slopes would require a different logic compared to flat slopes to prevent water runnoff.
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Wency Pan
2022-07-29 01:50:45 UTC  
Hi Kype,

Netro calculates the smart schedules based on a lot of environmental conditions including the slope settings. Selecting slope also breaks the watering into pieces.

Netro Support
Kyle Giacomini
2022-07-30 13:16:28 UTC  
Hi wanky,

I have set the zones that I'd like to limit the duration of each irrigation to STEEP on the slope environmental settings. The smart watering schedule is still chosing to use very long irrigation durations above 25 minutes. I do not believe the slope settings are influencing the logic of the smart watering schedule. I am using the customized smart watering mode set to the correct application rate of my rotary spray heads. Can you please look into why the slope setting isn't being factored into the smart watering calculations on the customized mode?

Netro Inc
2022-08-01 07:23:43 UTC  
Hi Kryle,

Netro smart does break long watering schedule to short ones with soak time between. The maximum watering time is calculated internally, based on e.g. slope, soil type, watering mode, etc.

For your case, we noticed that you set zone 7 and zone 10-13 as steep slope, and the maximum watering time for these zones are typically 14/10 minutes. For example, on Aug 1st, Netro waters four times with 14 minutes each. We didn't find a zone with steep slope and have > 25 mins watering schedules. Could you let us know which zone?
Kyle Giacomini
2022-08-01 19:36:08 UTC  
The zones in question are zones 12 and 13 with the customized mode enabled. My lawn irrigation zones with rotary nozzles are 1,2 7,10, 11, 12 and 13.
Kyle Giacomini
2022-08-06 23:54:17 UTC  
I am still seeing irrigation times above 20 mins on the zones over indicated. Ideally having irrigation times less than 15 minutes is preferred considering the steep slopes.