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Updated at 2022-06-29 03:11:04 UTC

Hi Rafael, 

You can setup your IFTTT applets to use the Netatmo weather data. 

1. Go to ifttt.com and click on "Sign up" create an IFTTT account. Then login with your username and password. 
2. Search for "Netro" and go to the Netro service page, or visit Netro Service directly.
3. Click Netatmo Weather station in the listed services.
4. Select a Netro's build-in applet and then select “Click to connect” to active the Netro service. You will be brought to the web login screen for Netro's web app. Please login with your Netro account name and password. 
5. Follow the steps to login your Netamo account.
6. Select a Netro's build-in applet and save the settings.

For more information, please visit the following webpages: https://netrohome.com/en/shop/user_guides/6 



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