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Geron R
Updated at 2022-06-11 11:38:54 UTC
Topic: Smart Watering
It rained all day yesterday and will rain today. The app says it’s a thunderstorm today and to skip watering but I look outside and the system is watering the grass. How do I fix this?
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Wency Pan
Updated at 2022-06-14 06:25:55 UTC

Hi Geron,

We checked the rain data on the Discover page and the rain amount is less than 0.1 inch (your threshold) so Netro did not skip the watering schedules. What happened yesterday was that the weather forecast said there was going to be a small rain but it turns out to be a big one. 

You can adjust the rain data through Discover page->"+" button on the upper right corner-> Correct rainfall. I will work with the developer to check if the weather provider has general accuracy issue in your area or it was just an exception.

Netro support three weather providers, which you can choose in settings->controller->weather provider. You can switch to other weather providers to see if it works better. Of course, all weather forecast could be wrong. Netro tries the best to provide accurate watering schedule even with incorrect forecast. First, we periodically update the weather data, once the weather data is changed, we update the un-executed schedules ASAP. Second, we re-check the weather data for the past, update our model, and adjust following schedules accordingly. For example, Netro may not water today due to large rainfall from forecast data. The next day, Netro re-check the weather data, if no rainfall found and your soil is dry enough, Netro will water accordingly. 



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