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Updated at 2019-05-28 03:03:08 UTC

Hi Jon,

Netro gets the weather information everyday in the early morning from weather provider. We have checked Darksky and it did not report rain on May 27 or May 28.,-104.9608/2019-5-28/si12/en

Weather forecast is a challenging problem, especially for the rain amount, which may vary significantly in the same zipcode. Netro tries the best to provide accurate watering schedule even with incorrect forecast. First, we periodically update the weather data, once the weather data is changed, we update the un-executed schedules ASAP. Second, we re-check the weather data for the past, update our model, and adjust following schedules accordingly. For example, Netro may not water today due to large rainfall from forecast data. The next day, Netro re-check the weather data, if no rainfall found and your soil is dry enough, Netro will water accordingly.

We will compare the weather providers and work with the developer to check if the weather provider DarkSky has general accuracy issue in your area or it was just an exception. 


Netro Support

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Alfonso Olias Sanz
2019-07-21 20:27:44 UTC  
I have had exactly the same problem with that provider. While a heavy rain, the provider was reporting 10% of humidity. among the 3 providers, only openweathermap was reporting accurately the weather.