Updated at 2022-05-21 18:54:22 UTC
Hi Netro Support, I do have the same problem. I rebooted my Router, it doesn't work. When setting up the Netro controller one go through the steps. After entering the pwd for the WiFi system states the connection is unsuccessful. Please make sure.... Yes, I am sure and tried it endless times. I also went through the help. Nothing extraordinary with my Router. In contrary it is state of the art and I do not have any problems with other applications or devices connecting to the router.

When I am in the iPad App or through web browser the status is "Online" but no manual or program switches the valves on - so the status is not correct.

Please advice as I urgently need the controller, many thanks.
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Wency Pan
2022-05-25 05:27:05 UTC  
Dear customer,

Could you please close all the apps and reboot your phone to see if it works?

Netro Support