I have a ton of errors again for the last two weeks!

Joshua Berk
Updated at 2019-05-23 18:39:21 UTC
Topic: Connected Home

I just went to check on my sprinkler system since all of my grass has been dying and realized I've had errors on every watering attempt for the last 2 weeks!! I'm worried that a) it's not working and b) when it does start working it's going to flood my lawn again like it did last time because it tries to overwater for all the times it missed!

why aren't there any app notifications when this thing happens I shouldn't have to monitor the system manually to find out that it has not been watering for so long!

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Netro Support
Updated at 2019-05-23 18:59:10 UTC
Hi Joshua,

We investigate this issue and it seems that the problem is due to a bug in the software of the controller: After a power-cycle of the unit, it does not connect the server for new watering schedules. It happens randomly and more easy to occur when the network speed is low. A workaround is to force a connection by launching a manually run from the app after the power cycle. Basically after the controller is rebooted an online, start a manually run from the app and the controller should work as expected.

You device is running v1.1.1 firmware (check that in the app, settings->controller). This "reboot" issue has been fixed in a recent firmware update(v1.2.0). The update has not been pushed to all the devices but it will eventually. We are testing the new firmware and after it is verified and pushed out in a few weeks, the issue you reported will be resolved.

Netro Inc