Perry en Louise Mevissen
Updated at 2022-03-26 14:17:08 UTC

Not sure how to connect a separate rain gauge. I saw Nerto offers separate WiFi sensors too that measure ground humidity. My guess is that this is as good as a rainfall measurement.

Reading about your configuration maybe you can help me. I have just installed a Sprite too and I am trying to set Wunderground as provider in the app. I have an Alecto WS-5500 connected to Wunderground. When I select Wunderground as provider the app asks for my weather station ID which I have (ISTWIL10). But the app seems not to accept it as a valid ID. Do you have any suggestions?



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John Kollehner
2022-08-19 13:22:22 UTC  
My app does the same, not accepting weather station ID when selecting Wunderground. Frustrating!