Wency Pan
Updated at 2021-11-05 01:19:47 UTC

Hi Jean,

Could you please take a screenshot and send it to support@netrohome.com?


Netro Support

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Jean Paul Lasserre
2021-11-05 18:27:25 UTC  
It might be due to the new interface which is totally crazy. Your developers seems to be back to flower power days. We are not on a flower show ! What I want is data not images !
My front page is four flowers (have 4 zones ) seems there is something above but cannot access it, sliding does not allow to go up.
Also lost all my usual routines and as there is no manual have to experiment.
Can I erase these ugly flowers ?
Weather data is so poor (no rain recorded when it was raining cats and dogs for at least 10mn that day) I used a lot manual run where it is now ?
Second major problem have to log on frequently, before it was running as long as I didn’t switch off my IPhone.
Is there a way to keep the old interface like you can keep Windows 10 and not move to Windows 11 ?