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Updated at 2021-09-23 07:47:31 UTC

Dear Juan, 

Spark-8 supports upto 8 zones (similar Spark-16 supports 16 zones). For each zone, you can customized the sprinkler type, soil type, plant type, etc.  For your case, you have 6 zones, with 3 or more sprinkler heads in each zone. So Spark-8 should be enough. 

The whisperer sensor is optimal. It helps to get your soil moisture data more accurate than estimation. However, without the sensor, the Spark can work as well. It's recommended to place one sensor in each zone, however, you can share the data to upto 3 zones if these zones have similar settings (plant, soil, sprinkler, etc.). 

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Juan Pascual
2021-09-23 08:21:57 UTC  
thank you very much,
How is each sensor associated with each irrigation zone?
Is it possible to tell the system in which zone each of the sensors is located so that it has a record of the sprinklers or set of sprinklers that affect it?

Thanks again
Netro Inc
2021-09-27 08:14:06 UTC  
In the Netro APP, you can pair the sensor with a zone. We don't need to know the exact location of sensor. Please place the sensor in a typical place of the zone, e.g. in the middle of the zone. Please don't place it in corners, dry spots, etc.

Juan Pascual
2021-09-23 08:26:32 UTC  
On the other hand, in the we I only see for EU Spark 16, I don't see spark 8.
is there a price difference?
Wency Pan
2021-09-27 08:15:32 UTC  
Hi Juan,

Currently we only sell EU spark 16 and we will launch spark 8 in the future.

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