Wency Pan
Updated at 2021-09-01 07:05:19 UTC

Hi Sean,

You can customize the weather restrictions now through setting -> preferences -> rain. By default, Netro skip schedules today and tomorrow if today rains more than 0.2 inch. You can customize it, like I want to skip the schedules on the day after tomorrow as well, or I want to skip if rain more than 0.5 inch.

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Andy Fiore
2021-09-01 08:28:04 UTC  
I understand why you are doing it but it still looks silly and wasteful to have our pixies watering during an unexpected downpour.
I believe that some of the weather sites use the network of local rain sensors to detect actual rain fall. Could this be used to switch off watering (at least temporarily) until the rain stops?

Netro Inc
2021-09-03 03:36:01 UTC  
Netro relies on weather data from our service provider, which you can select from setting->controller->weather provider. It's a challenging problem for weather service provider to predict accurate rainfall amount for any location. If you know which weather station works well for your area, you can use the Wunderground as the provider and input the PWS ID you want to use.