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Updated at 2021-07-22 03:09:24 UTC

Dear customer, 

Before you start, make sure: 

I. You have downloaded the Google Home app 

II. You have linked your Google Home with your Google account 

III. For iOS devices, download the Google Assistant app as well as the Google Home app. 

Then you could add the Netro controller in the Google Home App: 

1. In the Google Home App, click the "+" in the upper left 

2. Select "Set up device" 

3. Select "Works with Google"

 4. Search "Netro" 

5. Login with your Netro account 

6. Choose your Netro device to add. Repeat if you have multiple devices. Please find the instruction here:


Netro Support

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2021-07-22 09:26:00 UTC  
The steps you've provided are what I tried already. The setup fails at step 6. Please advise.
Wency Pan
2021-07-23 06:39:11 UTC  
Dear customer,

Could you please send us email to with your Netro account registered email?
We will have our technician look into this issue. 

Netro Support

2021-07-24 20:13:04 UTC  
From Netro support for others looking for the information:

The answer on the forum was wrong and I apologize for that. In fact, the Pixie timer does not support Google Home. The reason is that the Pixie timer is mostly in sleep mode and Google Home only support immediate action. However, we are working on a new model using Zigbee which will support Google Home. It will be available probably next year.

If there is a marketing material saying Pixie timer supports Google Home, that is a mistake. Please let me know and we will correct it.
2021-07-27 18:48:02 UTC  
This is so disappointing, I just bought a Pixie because I thought it had Google Home integration.

Its Amazon listing says it is supported.