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Updated at 2020-12-08 01:56:58 UTC

Hi Arthur,

I think what happened was that because it is winter time, the sensor is unable to maintain the battery level as the sunlight is weaker than summer time.

Do you have an incandescent lamp at home? If so, can you try to charge the sensor under the incandescent lamp (distance between the solar panel and the lamp should be around 10cm) for a couple of days.

Please let us know if it works.


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2020-12-08 02:59:05 UTC  
I see but I have 2 other sensors and they're both fine. One is at 90% the other at 60% (similar placement) but the one in question is at 0% all day.
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2020-12-10 05:00:35 UTC  
Hi Arthur,

Could you please send us email to with your Netro account registered email?
We will have our technician look to this issue. 

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