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Updated at 2019-03-20 08:03:05 UTC
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Replacing old system

This page lists some instructions about replacing old controllers with Netro smart watering controller. 

Example 1:

I check the pictures.

Here is how you connect to your sprite:

OLD                 Sprite

24VAC             24VAC (order does not matter)

COM                any C slot

1                     1

2                     2

3                     3

4                     4

You probably do not need to connect other wires.

Example 2:

You do not have a master valve so you just leave the M slot open.

The sensor wires are not needed either in the Sprite because it gets the weather data from WiFi network.

Example 3:

If you are using the Netro power adapter, the two thick beige wires should not be used because they are the 24 VAC power wires from your old power adapter.

However, you probably can use these two beige wires on Sprite. Just hookup them on the 2 24V AC slots in Sprite on the right side. I would suggest using a voltage meter to check the voltage on them though if you go this way.

Example 4:

1. The VC wire goes to any one of the C slots in Sprite

2. The 1-8 wires go to 1-8 slots in Sprite which is straightforward

3. Use the Netro power adaptor to connect the 24VAC in Sprite

Other wires are not needed.

Example 5:

The 8 zone wires will go to the 1-8 slots in Sprite.

The C wire will go to any of the C slots in Sprite.

You can leave the M slot in Sprite on unconnected.

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