Smart Watering
Netro's algorithm is based on expert gardening knowledges, one of which is to avoid watering equally everyday and instead to water less frequently but deeply. Netro waters your garden only when the soil is dry enough in order to draw more oxygen into the roots, leading to a lusher landscape. By default, we allow the moisture level to deplete to fairly low (recommended by EPA) before next watering and that is why you might see longer watering durations than the original settings on your old controller.
Different plants need different watering strategies. If your zone grows shrubs or trees which typically have longer roots than grass and absorb water from deeper soil, it takes more days for the moisture level to drop to the threshold. To refill the soil moisture up to saturation, it takes longer time running the sprinklers too.
In addition to the weather conditions, Netro calculates the Smart schedules based on other environmental conditions including the soil type. If the zone is watered multiple times a day, you probably selected clay, clay loam or loam as the soil type which accepts water slowly, often as little as 1/4 inch per hour and that is why we break the watering into many pieces to avoid water runoff.
You can inspect the Smart schedules in the calendar view. They are with the blue water-drop icons. In most cases, Netro tries to water the zones in the morning. If you prefer to water in the evening, please go to Settings -> Restrictions to add a restriction to prevent watering in the morning. You could also go to Settings->Preferences->Scheduling to specify the preferred watering time for Smart watering to prevent watering in the morning.
When the moisture level drops to a certain level (determined by the plant type), the smart watering will kick in and it will water the moisture level all the way up to full saturation, following the EPA recommendation. You can change how often and how much the smart schedules run at your preference in Settings -> Zones -> Choose a zone -> Smart Zone.
The best way to adjust the smart watering is to change the watering mode. If none of the built-in modes satisfies you, you can select the Customized mode to further personalize the watering plan.
Click on Settings in the Netro app. Select Zones. This will show all your zones. You can then turn off the Smart Zone feature by selecting a zone, and then swiping the tab under Smart Zone to the left. The tab will then gray out. Remember to save your changes by clicking on save on the top right of the screen. You will need to add a program because otherwise the zone will not be watered.

User Watering/Actions
All your zones are listed on the home screen of the Netro app. Press the play button to water the zones. To adjust the time, click on the numbers displaying the duration to the left of the play button.
If the zone is already running, you will need to go to the home screen of the Netro app and press the square stop button to shut off the running zone.
If you want to cancel a future run, you can go to the Schedule page, select the day and skip the user programs. For Smart schedules, it does not make a lot of sense to skip a certain run because that will only push the run later in the day as the system is trying to maintain the moisture level. However, you can always skip all the schedules for that day.
If you do not want any watering for a period of time in the future, you can put the controller in standby mode by toggling the Enable switch in settings->controller. Please make sure no zone is running when you disable your Sprite controller.
To run your sprinklers for only one day in the future, go to the Schedule on your Netro app. Click on the plus sign on the top of the screen next to the month name. This will have you create a one-time run. Adjust what zones you want to water, the duration, and the start time. Then select the day you want the system to water.
Click on Settings in the Netro app. Select Programs. In this menu, you can edit or delete saved programs, and create new programs. Click "Add Program" to create a new program. You will need to enable at least one zone to add a program. When Smart Zone is enabled for a zone, the programs for that zone will be skipped when there is significant rain or watering regulations.
Click on Settings in the Netro app. Select Restrictions. In this menu, you can edit or delete saved restrictions and create new restrictions. Click “Add Restriction” to create a new restriction. While creating your restriction, keep in mind that a red X mark shows the selected days of the week that you do not want your lawn watered. For example, if I do not want selected zones watered on Tuesdays, I will leave Tuesday with red X mark, select the other days of the week and a red X will not show for them. When I save the restriction, my selected zones will water on any day of the week except for Tuesday.

When you log into the Netro app for the first time, a menu will pop asking you to add your Sprite controller. Click on the plus sign and then follow the steps to connect it to your home WiFi network. If you have added the controller previously and are trying to reconnect it to your home WiFi network, you can find the setup by opening your Netro app, going to Settings, then select Controller, and then select "Change Wifi network/password" under the Network sub-heading.
The reset button is located underneath cover and is next to the AC adapter wiring slots. It is marked RST. You will need a pin or long, thin object to press the button. To reset, simply press the button for less than 1 second. If you need to reset the unit to factory settings, hold down on the reset button for 6-8 seconds. The light on the Sprite unit should flash and then start blinking slowly.
The Sprite unit will blink quickly whenever it is trying to (re)connect to a WiFi network. This happens when you first set up your unit, or whenever it loses its connection. It may also blink slowly when it is in host mode. This happens when you first plug in your Sprite or reset it, and indicates that it needs to go through the setup steps to connect to a home WiFi network.

Connected Home
After you have added "Netro" to your Alexa skills, please enable it and the Alexa app will jump to the "link account" page. Once your Netro account is successfully linked, you will be able to use Alexa to work with Netro. You can talk to your Alexa like: "Alexa, ask Netro to water zone two for 5 minutes." or "Alexa, ask Netro to stop watering." The Netro Sprite should start/stop watering accordingly.
Please use your google assistant app to find "Netro Sprite", either by directly typing "talk to Netro Sprite" or searching through the google assistant explorer. Then tap the "link" button, and you will be redirected to the account login page. After using your Netro account to be successfully linked, you will be able to use google home to work with Netro. You can talk to your Google home like: "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to water zone two for 5 minutes." or "Hey google, ask Netro Sprite to stop watering." The Netro Sprite should start/stop watering accordingly.

International Support
The device can work internationally with the Smart watering features as long as you are able to use a proper voltage transformer. If you live in a country that uses 220V, you will need to get a 220V->110V transformer (>600mA).