Most Advanced

Water Control System

Fully Automatic

Unlike the existing smart watering systems which still require users to manually setup or tune their systems, Netro is the first home-use irrigation controller that schedules itself completely.

Netro knows how much water your plants need and the best way to water them. You can completely rely on Netro and enjoy your saved time.

The Intelligent Self-Learning Features

The different types of sprinklers often present distinct watering patterns. Netro can recognize the patterns and make the best use of all your sprinklers.

Netro accurately measures the water capacity and drainage rate of your soil, making sure your soil always receives the perfect amount of water at the perfect time.

The A.I. Gardening Expert

Customized Irrigation Management (CIM)

Run-Off Prevention (ROP)

Evapotranspiration Reduction (ETR)

Plants and Sprinkler Protection (PSP)

Watering Restrictions

Some states (e.g., CA) have strict rules about when and how much water one is allowed to spend on watering lawns.

Netro honors your local watering regulations if exact location is provided and will inform you when restrictions apply. With Netro, you will not need to worry about getting a ticket.

Easy 15-Minute Setup

You do not need to change your current sprinkler system. Sprite works with your existing sprinklers (the pumps, pipes and nozzles).