Installation Instructions


Test the functionality of your irrigation system with your current controller first. If it does not work, please make sure it is repaired before installing the Sprite.

Note: If you are not sure about the condition of your sprinkler system, you might want to check whether there are shorted zones or open zones. You just need to use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the common wire and each zone. The normal reading would be 20-60 Ohms. If the reading is less than 10 Ohms then you might have a shorted circuit in the solenoid and if it is larger than 80 Ohms you might have an open circuit. Please contact us or irrigation professionals for additional support.

Unplug the power of your current controller.

Take a photo of the wiring in your old controller.
When you are wiring Sprite, this photo can be the reference.

Remove your current controller.


Check the strength of the WiFi signal at the location where your Sprite will be installed.
We recommend a signal of at least 2 bars on your phone.

Note: Sprite is unable to connect to Wireless-B(11Mbps) routers. Sprite only supports the newer standards, namely Wireless-N, Wireless-G and Wireless-AC. Sprite is incompatible with Wi-Fi networks secured by WEP. Also, please make sure the SSID (name of your home Wi-Fi) does not contain special characters like spaces or quotation marks.

Remove the front cover from the base.

Install the Sprite base to the wall using the two screws included.
Use the air bubble to position horizontally.

Reconnect the wires to the terminals on the base.

1. Use the picture of the wires on your old controller to help you remember.
2. The slot named “M” is for the master valve. In some controllers it is named as “PMV” or “P/MV”.
3. If the old controller has only one common wire, you can connect it to either one of the “C” slots and the other “C” slot will sit empty.
4. If you want to use your old power adaptor which has a ground wire, you can leave the ground wire open.

Put the front cover back on the base.

Plug in the power. After 1-2 minutes, the light will be blinking. If not, push the RST button.

Download the free Netro app and start to configure.

Search for "Netro sprite watering" on Google Play and App Store.